Chacón #204, 1er. piso, e/Aguacate & Compostela, Habana Vieja, Cuba.

An accommodation that emulates hotels, but with hostel price.

Another property of Sergio's family, but in Chacón St. very close to the Granma Memorial and the Palace of the Revolution, just steps from the entrance to the beautiful bay of Havana.

The totally independent apartment is located on the first floor. It has two air-conditioned rooms and a private bathroom for each room. One of the bathrooms is outside the room. In addition, there is a well-equipped kitchen, spacious dining room and balcony overlooking Chacón St., from where you can see some of the beauties of Old Havana.

Charming accommodation, clean and spacious. Both beds are new and comfortable. Breakfast included in the price of the accommodation will be prepared for you every morning.