Home stays/BnBs, hostels, independent rooms and vacation rentals are homes run by local people who rent out their places under government license. The homes are upgraded to tourist standards, have air-conditioned rooms, private bathrooms, cleaned up daily and linen and towels changed regularly. Generally accommodating at any private property in Cuba will fit the guests’ needs and expectations. Upon request owners offer breakfasts, some other meals and services for extra fee. Guests are free to go out and enter at any time.

In Cuba these sort of private accommodations are known by the phrase casa particular/casas particulares which means private home/(s).

Logo - Licensed casa particular owner

A casa particular can be recognized by a small blue sign against a white background on the front door.

Accommodating at any casa particular can give you an unforgettable and authentic Cuba travel experience at a big saving plan.

Cuban private accommodations explained

The rental of rooms in private homes to lodge tourists and foreign visitors was authorized and came under state regulations in the summer of 1997. Governmental organizations are in charge for registering, licensing and inspecting rental homes. Also licensed home owners are subjected to monthly inspections, and their incomes are monthly and annually taxed.

In recent years the government has authorized several changes among which is the possibility of renting a full furnished apartment or house and does not limit the number of rooms that can be rented in the family homes and hostels. The new regulations combined with increased tourism to Cuba, has allowed development of the private sector and today travelers can find many choices of private accommodation in Cuba, from a luxury furnished house with swimming pool to a private room in a family house. On your right you can see the private accommodation types listed in this website.

Private lodgings are available all around Cuba. The only exceptions are the keys, where you need to book yourself in a hotel room for housing there.

Only licensed home owners

Havana Homestay guarantees that all the properties listed in this web site are approved and licensed to be rented to foreigners and tourists.

The listed properties fully comply with all domestic regulations. Licensed home owners must show an official stamp at their front door. Beware of offerings from non-licensed owners who will put you on the line of disregarding the law and will become a risk for you.

Lodging facilities at Cuban casa particular accommodations

  • Accommodation for adults & children.
  • Air-conditioner and fan in the bedrooms. Hot & cold water in bathrooms.
  • Towels, linen, soap, and toilet paper included.
  • Daily housekeeping & towels/linen changed regularly.
  • Free use of house common areas.
  • 24-hour check-in/check-out & 24-hour reception.
  • Access to phone, refrigerator & some facilities as radio, TV, CD/DVD-player.
  • Luggage storage.
  • Friendly hospitality, information and assistance at any time.
  • Tasty home-cooked meals & laundry services offered at an additional cost.
  • Free private parking or parking lot for a small fee.
  • Transfers at an additional fee.

Lodging price

  • The lodging price is per room-night (up to 2 people) or facility, not per person, in CUC (Convertible Cuban Peso).
  • If the room admits lodging for more than two people simultaneously, per night fee applies on top of the price of the room for the stay of the third and fourth person.
  • The price only includes accommodation. Additional fee applies for meals, transfers or any other service if available.

Private lodging prices vary depending on the city and the neighbourhood, or whether the accommodation is located near the seafront or in the beach, or if there’s a pool or the casa particular rooms have an independent entrance. In Havana the minimum lodging price is usually $25 per room-night (up to 2 people) for private rooms at a family home, but you can find private accommodation prices over $200 per night. Luxurious lodgings offer the best facilities by means of services, architecture, pools, furnishings, views, etc.

Cuba casa particular accommodation benefits 

You will obtain several benefits staying at any Cuban home stay/BnB, hostel, vacation rental or casa particular as you prefer:

  • Direct experience with the real Cuban people. You will be able to enjoy Cuba’s main attraction, its people. Cubans are renowned for their hospitality, so the casa particular accommodation is an ideal option to get the feeling of the real Cuba.
  • Lower lodging prices. As lodging in a Cuban casa particular is cheaper, you will be able to stretch your money even more.
  • Lower meal prices. You will also be able to enjoy an excellent and tasty Cuban cuisine at lower prices.
  • No advanced payments. Hotel reservations require full payment prior arrival while home owners accept payments upon arrival or only a small fee in advance.
  • Flexibility. Checking-in & checking-out hours are flexible and could be agreed with the owner.
  • Reservation guaranteed. Your reservation is guaranteed at any Cuban accommodation. In case of any issue, a similar accommodation will be available for you without extra charge.
  • Comfort. Cuba private accommodation services are more personal and better than some hotel services.
  • It’s an effective way to learn Spanish. Direct contact with a Cuban family will improve or start your learning of Spanish language.