Rafael Trejo Este #10-B, al final de la calle (atrás del servicentro Cupet), Viñales, Pinar del Río, Cuba.

You will enjoy the Cuban hospitality at this place without any hesitation. Villa Irure is located only 2 blocks from downtown, in a dead-end so the place is very quiet. The place is clean and comfortable, with very relaxing and warm atmosphere. You can rest on a rocking chair in the shadow at the end of the day and enjoy the mountain views.

The place has wide areas to stay, 3 ensuite spacious rooms, comfortable and cleans. The bathrooms have spacious shower and hot water.

The family and the charming hostess Sarita, are incredibly accommodating. They are very helpful in organizing outdoor trips. Home cooked meals are lovely.

The family has a farm in the heart of a tobacco plantation at the valley, surrounded by fruit trees, exuberant vegetation including endemic fauna and flora. Just ask to visit it!